Customizing SharePoint 2010 sites

Posted: 9th October 2012 by Seth Killey in SharePoint

There are plenty of websites out there that more succinctly describe how you can customize a SharePoint site, but I figured I’d jot down some notes on stuff I found helpful.

  • This post does a nice job of explaining why the default (no theme) that comes standard on SP 2010 is superior to some of the default theme colors you can apply   In other words, you have the ability to change themes under Site Settings –> Site Theme –> Select a theme.  However, what I found to work best is to take the strength of the default theme and override just the section you wish to change with a custom .css
  • To add a custom .css file to the master template, first identify what file is you master page by going to Site Settings –> Master page.  Then using SharePoint Designer, I found the master page and inserted a line for my custom .css right before closing </head>.
    <SharePoint:CssRegistration name=”/Style Library/Custom.css”  After=”corev4.css” runat=”server”/>
  • In my custom css I defined some background graphics to create a curved edge to my web parts.  For more information
  • In general, if you want to figure out what item to override in the custom css, view the source on your page and identify the ID of the object you wish to customize.
  • Within each specific page, you can add further customization by adding a content editor web part.  In the content editor web part, you can specify an html file which uses javascript to set .css properties on a specific web part.  A good resource  See below how I set a background image for various web parts.
  • Although I don’t use the default theme colors, if you’re curious what each item controls this is a good reference
  • Finally, once you are satisfied with the changes, you’ll need to check in a major version of the master page and be sure to publish the updated version which includes the custom css file.  Otherwise, only your user account will see the changes and other users will see the old master page without the custom style applied.

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