SharePoint 2010 SP1 installed. Really? No, not really…

Posted: 10th August 2011 by Seth Killey in SharePoint

Last weekend I installed service pack 1 for SharePoint 2010.  Everything seemed to go as planned.  My intranet website pulled up just fine so I slowly backed away from my computer with a sense of relief.  Of course this is SharePoint so naturally everything didn’t really go as planned.  I was doing my daily event viewer check and noticed since the upgrade my SharePoint 2010 Timer service was terminating unexpectedly every minute and SharePoint Foundation Search was complaining with the following:

The mount operation for the gatherer application <guid> has failed because the schema version of the search administration database is less than the minimum backwards compatibility schema version supported for this gatherer application. The database might not have been upgraded.

It turns out the .exe is really just step 1 of 2 of the upgrade because it just updates the binary files.  Why Microsoft would deploy a service pack available via WSUS or standalone installation and give no indication that another step is needed is a mystery.  In any event I found this article which explains the issue.

After running the appropriate PSCONFIG command I rechecked and verified my database had updated its schema.  Ok, phew…all is well, right?  Well, not exactly because my timer service was still crashing and the FIMSynchronizationService (Forefront Identity Manager Synchronization Service) would not start either.  I found this article which gives a solution that worked for me


  1. Central Admin>System Settings>Manage Services on Server (select the server where the User Profile Service is running)
  2. Stop the User Profile Service
  3. Stop the User Profile Synchronization Service (you will be prompted that this will deprovision the service)
  4. Once the services have stopped, Start the User Profile Service again
  5. Start the User Profile Synchronization Service again (you will be prompted to enter the password for the User Profile Service’s svc account) -note1: this service can take a little while to restart; note2: if it does not restart successfully, restart the server and try again (this has worked for me)
  6. Once complete, the User Profile Service and User Profile Synchronization service should show as Started, and the 2 corresponding FIM services on the server should be running again

After this I needed to do one last IIS restart (for some reason my root web app wasn’t working even though all other apps including SharePoint ran just fine).  Now slap yourself in the face for applying a SharePoint patch when everything was working well anyway.

  1. Amr Ellafy says:

    “Now slap yourself in the face for applying a SharePoint patch when everything was working well anyway.” hahahahahahaha 🙂 can’t agree anymore.

  2. David says:

    thanks, my SP1 search woes are over

    Fortunetally i was not effected by the timer service problem

  3. Tom says:

    Good post, it surely saved me plenty of time. Having been sacrificed to the SharePoint gods for my organization I’ve been learning as I go standing up our farm and needless to say hitting these road blocks along the way.

    I’ll be checking the UpdateStatisticsNVP stored procedure next as you outlined in a different related post.

    Thanks again