Usefull apps for an IT pro: Part II

Posted: 26th April 2011 by Seth Killey in Apps

Here’s some other apps I frequently use:

PsTools – Not sure how I forgot this one.  Perhaps the most frequently used tool for desktop support.  Specifically PsExec (remotely execute any command), PsList (list all running programs…for remote task manager type screen use PsList -s \\computername), and PsLoggedon
ProcessExplorer – Another Sysinternals gem…you know what just get the whole suite
TeamViewer – Really nice, lightweight app for remote desktop support.  No application install necessary with QuickSupport version
Anti Twin – This little guy is a real time saver when trying to identify identical files.  Especially when you have a very poorly organized folder with lots of big picture files.  Bonus points because no installation is needed.

Lansweeper – this is really a client-server, full-fledged network inventory software program but if I’m analyzing a new network this is the first thing I install.  Great tool for identifying domain computers, hardware specs, installed software, user login history, license compliance, etc