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When I first setup my standard desktop image, I struggled with weather or not to include Java by default.  Ultimately, I included Java with my standard image, but with the continual battery of security flaws and mid-week patch deployments I’ve decided to take a more aggressive approach to limiting threats.  With the latest exploit announced […]

I was busy today setting up a scheduled tasks to reboot all computers before deploying a security patch for Java, see  Luckily I decided to verify my scheduled task was setup properly on a client computer before assuming all will go to plan.  Turns out scheduled tasks through group policy preferences is rather unreliable […]

My top 12 gadgets, apps, and nerdy finds of 2012

Posted: 3rd January 2013 by Seth Killey in Nerdy Stuff

*** Most of this stuff has been around well before 2012, but it was new(ish) to me in 2012 *** 1) Roku – I simply cannot state how much I’ve been impressed with this device.  Even if I owned a smart TV, Xbox, Playstation, etc I would still find room in my collection for my […]