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Extending Web Application using Claims Based Authentication

Posted: 17th November 2010 by Seth Killey in SharePoint

Without a doubt, the biggest challenge I had with the upgrade to SharePoint 2010 was getting our extranet up and running using claims based authentication.  In SharePoint 2007 you could extend a web application and use forms based authentication for an extranet using Windows classic authentication (which worked beautifully with little headache).  In SharePoint 2010, […]

The ink jet scam

Posted: 17th November 2010 by Seth Killey in Nerdy Stuff

Over the years I’ve been irrationally brand loyal to HP printers.  I had a multi-function (scan, print, copy) HP Photosmart C3180 at home which recently conked out (after about 2-3 years…pathetic) so I’ve been looking into a replacement.  I’ve known for a long time how much of a rip off ink jet printers are compared […]