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Filing this one away for future reference.  I noticed my SharePoint application search functionality wasn’t working properly when running a full crawl.  Naturally the solution was an obscure registry entry.

For the uninitiated, the duck race is an annual event where supporters of The Center adopt rubber ducks that will race along the Peoria Riverfront on August 24th.  If you’re one of the lucky ones, you may even win a pretty cool prize (see this link).  This year the goal is to have 30,000 ducks […]

When I first setup my standard desktop image, I struggled with weather or not to include Java by default.  Ultimately, I included Java with my standard image, but with the continual battery of security flaws and mid-week patch deployments I’ve decided to take a more aggressive approach to limiting threats.  With the latest exploit announced […]

I was busy today setting up a scheduled tasks to reboot all computers before deploying a security patch for Java, see  Luckily I decided to verify my scheduled task was setup properly on a client computer before assuming all will go to plan.  Turns out scheduled tasks through group policy preferences is rather unreliable […]

My top 12 gadgets, apps, and nerdy finds of 2012

Posted: 3rd January 2013 by Seth Killey in Nerdy Stuff

*** Most of this stuff has been around well before 2012, but it was new(ish) to me in 2012 *** 1) Roku – I simply cannot state how much I’ve been impressed with this device.  Even if I owned a smart TV, Xbox, Playstation, etc I would still find room in my collection for my […]

PC vs Mac

Posted: 29th November 2012 by Seth Killey in Saving Money, Windows 8

I’m admittedly a bit anti-Apple, but I still find this shocking.  I think if I really preferred OSX, I’d opt for the Hackintosh route because their hardware pricing is nuts.  The PC on the left is the system I recently purchased and the closest Mac comparison on the right.  This is the 13″ MacBook Pro […]

My guest WiFi solution

Posted: 28th November 2012 by Seth Killey in WiFi

I recently needed to come up with a cost effective, open guest WiFi solution.  My requirements were that the guest WiFi be completely isolated from the corporate network and filter web traffic through our proxy server according to corporate web usage policies.  Using our existing layer 2 Dell switches, our Smoothwall UTM 1000 router, and […]

Data usage before and after cutting cable #RokuForTheWin

Posted: 24th October 2012 by Seth Killey in Nerdy Stuff

Customizing SharePoint 2010 sites

Posted: 9th October 2012 by Seth Killey in SharePoint

There are plenty of websites out there that more succinctly describe how you can customize a SharePoint site, but I figured I’d jot down some notes on stuff I found helpful. This post does a nice job of explaining why the default (no theme) that comes standard on SP 2010 is superior to some of […]

Mark this one down as one of the strangest things I’ve encountered in awhile.  The longer you are in any field, the less likely you are to see something that stumps you, but today was the exception. First, the setup: Group policy in place to have My Documents redirect to a network storage folder \\servername\root\username […]